“But her passion, her disgrace, her humiliation are all acted in dumb show. They are hidden either by silence, or by flourishes and ornaments that amount to silence.”
— Virginia Woolf, Essays Volume 6, Anon, pg 595

Project Statement

I am interested in the shift between how a woman is seen and how she sees herself. This tension that arises between the internal and external constructs of female identity is an undercurrent that continues to shape my work. I turn to Virginia Woolf for inspiration and recognize through my reading of her novel Mrs. Dalloway, the pervading silence which had come to define me.  

This work tells the story of my process for finding voice later in life, referencing autobiographical moments and rhythmic patterns of self-reflection.  There is a natural oscillation between intimacy and aloofness, longing and withdrawal, time and space, then and now.  Within each moment of being I am identifying an essential value, something concrete and material, to represent ideas of protected intimacy and a perpetual distancing from the self.  I call upon a veneer of vulnerability and conventionality as a purposeful appliqué in protecting one’s own privacy though out the lifelong process of needing and being needed. Inside this space sexuality and strength emerge outside a framework of prescribed behaviors designed to empower others. 

The use of pink allows me to flow in and out of public and private female sensibilities and to connect a chronology of moments into a sequence dictated by impact. The color itself hinting at a presence, attaching and recoiling from an implied cast of others. I also look to the physics of waves, a major motif in Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, as a structural foundation for my image making. Waves ascribe to the patterning of emotional fluctuation and the perpetuity of endurance. I am constructing a rhythm, like waves, like breath, to the act of being a woman.